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Ladisten™ Clinic

Ladisten Clinic provides cosmetic orthopedic surgery services, limb lengthening and deformities correction ( bowlegs, knock-knees correction ) for adults and children.
Started from 1992, Ladisten Clinic has been giving its patients unmatchable results and affordable orthopedic treatment. Ladisten surgeons successfully completed more than 1000 operations for patients with severe cases of bow legs (genu varum), knock knees (genu valgum), short stature (cosmetic limb lengthening, dwarfism, achondroplasia), consequences of bone and joint diseases.
Our know-how, micro-invasive technology and low-traumatic approach on all stages of treatment allow us to provide you with safe, fast, literally bloodless treatment. In Ladisten Clinic we're using specially-designed unique Ilizarov-Veklich devices, allowing patients to get unmatchable results while treatment of different kinds of orthopedic problems.
Ladisten Clinic offers unique mix of aesthetic and medical services while corrective, reconstructive or lengthening procedures. Contact us today, we'd love to help you!
Cases treated at Ladisten:

  • External Limb Lengthening
  • Height Increase (i.e Dwarfism, Constitutional Short Stature)
  • Correction of Bowlegs and Knock-Knees
  • Limb Length Discrepancies, also called LLD
  • Congenital Deformities (Birth Defects)
  • After Trauma: Growth Plates Fractures, Malunions, Nonunions, Bone defects, Shortening & Deformities
  • After Infection: Osteomyelitis, Bone Infection
  • After Tumor: Bone Defects

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Our Patients Say

"I thank Ladisten for making my leg-correcting experience so wonderful….it truly felt like a home away from home!"

Julie, North America

Ladisten Location

Ladisten Clinic
97 Lisova str.,
Kyiv, 08131
Licence#: AB200389


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