Bow legs & Genu Varum Correction

Bow legs correction at Ladisten Clinic is done fast, with nearly no risks. Why is that? Thing is, genu varum corrective surgery is literally bloodless. Bow legs surgery is performed with preferred method of anesthesia and is a minimally invasive procedure.

Bow legs correction does not leave big scars - within half a year small puncture - like spots would be nearly unnoticeable.

There are many people all over the world suffering from bow legs / genu varum problems.

What are the bow legs or genu varum to you? Bow legs are not just a reason for an inferiority complex to develop. For uneven pressure onto the outer and inner part of knee-joints it has been proved to lead to early developed arthritis, as well as to knee pain and progressive deformation. Legs deformation and pain are the reasons why a great number of elderly people cannot walk normally and in most cases, after Arthritis is developed, need to undergo knee replacement.

There are also number of diseases in the course of which shin- and thigh-bones are bowed, and with time situation only worsens, leaving person unable to walk without struggle and suffering. As for bow legs caused by congenital defects, they can with time turn a patient into a person with low self-esteem and inferiority complex develop through.
With help of Ladisten Clinic corrective surgery of bow legs / genu varum - problem of bowing becomes manageable.

98% risk-free, bloodless, fast (about 40 min) operation with installation of Ilizarov-Veklich device for external fixation and care you get at Ladisten - this is our approach
to successful treatment.

You can visit our Feedbacks page to read more about experience our patients get while treatment here.

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Take a look at our "Bow Legs Correction Made Easy" presentation to get more information on bow legs correction procedures.

Apart from the outlines of an extremity's soft tissues, "the shape of one's legs" is also determined by the alignment of the leg, or so called bio mechanical axis and correlation between the thigh axis and the shin one. The everyday notion "shapely legs" is identified as legs having a correct alignment. The bio mechanic axis of a leg is considered to go through the head of the thigh-bone, the middle of the knee-cap and the first span between the foot fingers. The anatomical axis of a shin runs through the biochemical one of the limb, with the tactical approaches to correcting the shape of lower extremities being based upon complex estimation of those data.

After bow-legs / genu varum treatment that only takes 2.5-3 months (which depends on the extent to which legs are deformed), our patients forget about pain in knees or bow legs look. As the bow legs / genu varum correction surgery requires nearly no soft tissue cutting (micro-wound that left shortly disappears) and literally bloodless, you should not have to worry about problems like blood compatibility, or loss of blood, as well as surgery wounds and scarring left by pins like in other external devices for fixation.

Along with getting rid of the inferiority complex, solving the bow legs and knock knee problem also means prophylaxis of deforming arthrosis.

One note: did you know that Josh Howard was born with severe bow legs and had them fixed? The correction helped him to become the athlete he is today. The idea of fixing bow legs was a wise decision made by his parents. If you do sports, you can be sure to return to training after bow legs treatment here.

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Bow Legs Treatment Solution

We offer minimally invasive surgeries, not restricted to medical grounds but cosmetic purposes as well.
Our approach to treatment of bowlegs and knock-knees includes usage of custom made Ilizarov-Veklich external device. We suggest you to choose our solution for your treatment because:

  • The very low possibility of bone infection (osteomyelitis) that is caused by bacteria that enters the body through a wound, as comparing to other external devices (Ilizarov i.e.) there are less puncture wounds, only 3 rods are connected to your body on each of leg.

  • There is nearly NO nerve injury possibility that can cause the patient to lose feelings in the lower leg or in extreme cases - the leg.

  • Minimally invasive surgery allows bloodless operation - that means that there is no major blood vessels injured and no blood transfusion required.

  • Minimally invasive operation does not require soft tissue cuts, a small hole or micro-wounds, as if puncture one, heal very quickly and does not leave the scars that make so many people worry about.

  • The patient will need to stay at least 2 weeks for rehabilitation in Ladisten. Patient is also suggested to stay in the clinic for whole rehabilitation period that lasts 2,5-3 months as if any complication arises we could assist promptly. Additional surgeries or corrections are done free of charge, if happen while patient stays at hospital - one more reason to stay there while rehab. If bowing is severe, patient's rehabilitation can take more time.

In case you need to get back home shortly after rehab process, you can get back to us to remove the Ilizarov-Veklich devices within 2-3 months. Before removal of the device you will need to contact us for a "go" for removal, sending X-rays to us to review. If they are ok, and you got our permission, you can take them off. Although we believe there are professional orthopedic surgeons everywhere, we'd advise to do it in Ladisten clinic.

After we take off Ilizarov-Veklich device, we do not allow patient to bear heavy weight, extreme sports etc for the next 2 months.

Bow legs: about

Bow legs (genu varum) is a condition of legs when knees are wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together.

Initially, due to folded position in the uterus infants are born bowlegged. Bowed legs begin to straighten when the child starts to walk. At this time there is a pressure and weight legs begin to bear. The age of the child at this period is 12.5 to 18.5 months old.

When the child is approximately 3 years old, the normal appearance of legs should be visible. This way a child should stand with the ankles together and the knees just touch to reflect normal position. If the situation with bow legs remains after this period, the child can be called bowlegged.

Severe cases bowed legs can be a sign of rickets. Rickets is caused by a vitamin D deficiency, and in the United States, breast-fed infants with dark skin are most at risk. Other causes of being bow legged include bone dysplasia, Blount disease, and other causes.

Blount's disease: about

Blount's disease (tibia vara) is a growth disorder of the tibia that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg.

Blount's disease occurs in young children and adolescents. The inner part of the tibias, below the knees, fail to develop normally, causing deformation of the bone.

Blount's disease is progressive worsens with time. It can cause severe bowing of the legs and can affect one or both legs. The walking becomes more and more difficult in the years time so bow legs surgery is suggested for these type of problem.

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