Ladisten provides limb lengthening surgeries to overcome limb shortening and disproportions caused by the disease.
The treatment allows to lengthen the legs and arms of the patient and involves 3  stages,
starting as early as 4-6 and at age of 15. Every stage takes approx. 5 months with the break of 3 months between stages:

        1 stage – lengthening of tibia +6cm


        2 stage – femur lengthening +7-8cm


        3 stage – shoulders lengthening +5cm


        4 stage – tibia lengthening +6cm


        5 stage – femur lengthening +6-7cm


      6 stage – shoulders lengthening +5cm

Limb Lengthening  for patients with achondroplasia involves significant time and efforts. Patients wear small titanium Veklich devices specially adopted for smaller children and created individually for each particular case. They are light in weight and comfortable, children quickly get used to them.


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To see results of the treatment please visit Photo Gallery.

What is Achondroplasia?

Achondroplasia is an inherited genetic problem that causes abnormal formation of the bones. It is believed to be caused by an abnormality in a gene located on chromosome 4, called fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR3). Among other difficulties, children with achondroplasia often get psychological trauma caused by their appearance and being “different”.

Unfortunately, there is currently no scientific way of treatment of the achondroplasia but limb-lengthening procedures to overcome limitations, set by the disease.  Surgical treatment allows patients diagnosed Achodroplasia to increase height by as much as 30 cm and to correct proportions ratio of limbs.

The question of whether to perform limb lengthening of not, according to the words of our small patients, is a question of letting these people be more independent.

For them nearly everything in the world is out of reach. Things you or us may take for granted, (i.e. driving) can’t be done without aid. With need of the patients in first place, we do everything possible that the dream of becoming taller and more independent becomes a reality.