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What cases are treated at Ladisten Clinic?

Ladisten Clinic helps patients with bow legs, knock knees, leg or arm length differences, congenital short femur, growth plates fractures, and traumatic orthopedic problems. We also perform cosmetic limb lengthening and shortening. Bone defects & infection, dwarfism, constitutional short stature and other cases are also treated at Ladisten Clinic.

How do I know that your methods are right for me?

The first thing is to browse our website and FAQ section for more details. Next we’d advise contacting Ladisten Clinic via phone +380.44.222.8054 or via email info[at]ladisten[dot]com with a description of your problem, photos and X-rays.

I have bowlegs and live in the USA. How can I apply for an operation?

To start, fill in the international appointment form and include your desirable appointment dates. Our representative will contact you, usually in less than 2 days. Once we have all the needed details of your case and the dates are agreed, you can travel. Let us know your flight details and we’ll pick you up from the airport and take you to our clinic.

How soon after arrival at Ladisten can I be operated on?

You need to see the doctors and undergo analysis. These procedures won’t take more that 1 day. If the results are ok, you can have the operation the following day.

I have short stature. Can I get cosmetic limb lengthening to increase my height?

People who suffer from short stature and would like to get cosmetic limb lengthening can have surgery to increase their height. So yes, you can consider a height increase operation done at Ladisten Clinic.

What is the leg lengthening procedure?

In most cases this is cosmetic leg lengthening that works by taking advantage of the body’s ability to heal itself. Cosmetic leg lengthening increases a patient’s height. The procedure we use at Ladisten includes minimally invasive methods of accessing and cutting shin bones and femurs, which automatically begin to generate new bone. As the bones heal, they’re pulled apart by the Ilizarov-Veklich device to make them longer.

Do you perform simultaneous femur and tibia lengthening or shortening?

We do not perform this type of limb lengthening treatment, mainly because of the psychological difficulties patients may experience as a result of the long total limb lengthening / shortening period.

Can I get bow legs correction and cosmetic limb lengthening with one surgery?

Yes, you can get cosmetic Bilateral Leg Lengthening and Bow Legs Correction with one surgery. Check for details – prices may differ from bow legs / knock knee corrective surgery or lengthening surgery alone.

I hear the price for cosmetic limb lengthening surgery runs from $80,000 to $100,000. We can’t afford it!

Ladisten tries to make cosmetic limb lengthening treatment as well as other orthopedic services more affordable. The cost of surgery at our clinic is significantly lower. We suggest you contact us for more information on our pricing policy.

How much does the surgery cost?

It depends on the type of surgery (bow legs correction, knock-knees correction, cosmetic limb lengthening, trauma healing, etc.) and type of accommodation you want during the treatment and recovery. Please contact us with your questions and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

What payment methods are accepted?

You may pay by credit card, check, bank wire, or cash. The clinic does not cover money transfer & bank fees. Please contact us for more details.

What type of tests does the doctor perform to learn about my problems before the surgery?

All tests are done in our clinic before the surgery. This starts with an x-ray of the legs and full analysis (blood pressure, urine analysis, EKG). At times the surgeon will assign a psychiatrist to assess whether a patient is capable of undergoing the procedures.

What are the risks of surgery?

Although every operation has its level of risks, the surgeries done at Ladisten Clinic with further treatment with Ilizarov-Verklich devices have minimal risks.

What is the percentage of unplanned (additional) surgeries needed?

In less than 3% of cases, patients require additional surgery because they did not follow the doctor’s advice.

When can I remove the Ilizarov-Veklich device after my surgery?

Ilizarov-Veklich Device can be removed when your bone has a good regeneration (a good clavus).

What is Lifestyle Management? Does it have anything to do with my stay at the clinic?

This addresses various aspects of a patient’s lifestyle that may have an impact on his or her health. This includes such things as smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, diet, and exercise. Your doctor will try to identify any such issues and then counsel a patient on steps to reduce the health risk. Lifestyle modification can lessen risks and prevent complications after surgery.

When can I go walking?

Your should not try to walk until you have followed up with your surgeons and they have given you the o.k. to do it.

How long will I be off work?

Your surgeons will be able to give you a better idea once you meet with them. Keep in mind each individual heals differently. It also depends on the type of surgery you undergo.

I know that there are pins in the Ilizarov fixator that need to be removed from the leg. Is this painful?

The Ilizarov-Veklich device does not have multiple pins, as compared to the classic Ilizarov fixator. It has screws and removing them does not require general anesthesia. Compared to removing pins or other fixators and devices used for lengthening or correction, the Ilizarov-Veklich device is easy to take off, and the procedure is not painful.

I am afraid the operation will leave large scars

Whatever treatment you undergo at the Ladisten Clinic, we care for minimal side-effects such as scarring. This is achieved with the help of minimally invasive operation and treatment with Ilizarov-Veklich devices. Small punctures – like micro-wounds (2 mm max. spots) on the skin disappear after some time.

When can I shower after my surgery?

You may shower as early as 24 hours after surgery, but you will not be allowed to wet the legs/hands with the devices.

Is there a special diet while I stay at Ladisten?

There might be a change in the everyday meals you’re used to at home, because of the need to provide you with vitamins and a balance of micro-elements for a better recovery process. You need to have a balanced diet while undergoing treatment, but if you want something special – it isn’t a problem in most cases. The clinic will try to accommodate you as best we can.

I am vegetarian. Do you have any options for me while I get treatment at the clinic?

For those with special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), the clinic will gladly help with your needs, but please inform us beforehand.
The cost of the special dietary meal is discussed separately.

Is there an age limit for surgery?

We perform different types of orthopedic surgeries and for each case there is some age guidance. For example, in the case of PFFD, the child must be 1-2 years old and able to achieve successful treatment (same limb length). This is why we constantly suggest that you consult with us as soon as possible so that we can offer the most effective treatment. For bowlegs correction we accept children and adults from 5 to 50-55 years old. For limb lengthening, patients are usually 2-40 years old.
Each patient first has to contact us to assure he or she qualifies for the treatment.

What type of anesthesia will be used? What are the risks?

You will discuss anesthesia with Ladisten’s anesthesiologist and suggest your preferences.Epidural anesthesia can be used for the surgery. It has minimum side-effects compared to other types of anesthesia.
As a rule, the more complex the procedure, the more risk there will be. As all of our procedures are less than 1.5 hours, the risks are quite minimal.

What should I expect from the cosmetic leg lengthening?

Cosmetic limb lengthening procedures involve complex, painful, and considerably costly treatments with prolonged recovery periods of almost a year. If you’re considering cosmetic limb lengthening, you must prepare yourself for the pain and discomfort associated with it. At the same time you can get the results you wanted – to become taller and increase the length of your legs.

I want to do bow legs correction, because they say it's ugly…

Do not do bow legs correction only to blend in with society. Think twice and try to make a personal decision without being judged by anyone.

When is it better to come for surgery - winter or summer?

You can have surgery at any time of the year. It’s up to you but please approve the date with the clinic first.

Do you provide accommodation?

A clinic stay costs about 120 Euro a night and includes a single room, food, satellite TV, air-condition, nurses 24 hours/day, medicines, free internet access, DVD, pickup from and to the airport, physiotherapy, massage, etc.
If there are 2 people undergoing surgery and they are willing to share a room, they may do so and the accommodation cost for each will be significantly lower.

Does the surgery price include accommodation and for what length of stay?

The price does not include accommodation. Surgery costs cover the limb lengthening micro-surgery itself, installment of titanium Ilizarov-Veklich devices for both legs, blood tests, all necessary medical equipment and medication for pre-surgery and post-surgery care, x-rays, etc. It also includes removal of the Ilizarov-Veklich device after the treatment is over.
In some cases the clinic will be able to provide you with the total price for surgery and some period of staying in the hospital though and it is clearly stated.

Do Veklich devices for bow legs and limb lengthening look the same?

Veklich devices for bow legs, knock knee correction and limb lengthening can vary from semi-ring to triangle-shaped depending on the orthopedic problem. The surgeon constructs a unique device for each patient to achieve the best results possible.

Do you have to stay in the country while distracting or can you return home?

You will need to stay in the country and cannot return home while distracting takes place. Distraction starts on the 10th day after the surgery, at a general speed of 1mm/24 hours. After it ends, you may go home, although we’d advise staying at the clinic for the whole period of treatment for reasons such as safety, risk associated, etc.

I found a website claming to be affiliated with the Ladisten Clinic and Vitaliy Veklich

The only official websites of the Ladisten Clinic are: and where you can find the latest information about the orthopedic services we offer. If you have any doubt about the origin of the websites you found over the Internet, please contact us via phone +380.44.222.8054 or email.

I am applying for ssi disability for my child. Why should I try treatment with the Ilizarov-Veklich device?

Of course it is up to you whether to amputate your child’s limb, but before doing so, please contact our specialists. You have nothing to lose. The decision you’ll make will change your child’s life forever. You might be able to save their limb with no great costs. We have helped children with severe cases of PFFD – check our photo gallery section for your reference. Contact us today to give your child hope and a new life!

My baby has PFFD and surgeons say will need an amputation one day. Is there any way to save my child’s leg?

Yes, there is a chance and we have successfully helped patients with severe PFFD or Congenital Short Femur. Please schedule an appointment to see one of our surgeons for a consultation. Take advantage of this opportunity. The sooner the problem is treated, the better the results.

What do you mean by Bloodless Surgery?

This refers to surgery with no blood loss or need for blood transfusion.
Blood loss during surgery can be minimized by using extra caution and specific operative techniques – avoiding unnecessary cuts, immediate clamping or cauterizing of bleeding vessels, etc. The choice of instrumentation we use for the procedure also plays a role. Also, we use a minimally invasive approach in surgery that usually results in much less blood loss than traditional open forms of surgery.

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

This refers to surgery with no blood loss or need for blood transfusion.
It is an approach to surgery whereby operations are performed with specialized instruments designed to be inserted through small incisions or natural body openings. This avoids the need for large incisions, minimizing bleeding and trauma to the body. The Ladisten Clinic uses this approach whenever possible.

How long is the device left on the leg for limb lengthening?

You will need to wear it for 3-4 months during distraction and then the device remains on the leg until the bones fully consolidate. This generally takes 6-7.5 months after surgery, depending on how much you increased your height. If you are away from the hospital this means we will need to see you in person or see your X-rays to make sure everything is going as planned.

What if I am dissatisfied with the new shape of my legs? They look skinny!

We correct the alignment of your bones to reflect the correct bio-mechanical axis to prevent you from developing arthritis and improve the look of your legs. We cannot change your muscle tone to look better or shapelier. It’s those who expect perfect results and a whole life changed by aesthetic surgery who tend to be dissatisfied with the results.

I heard Josh Howard was born with severe bowed legs and he had them fixed and is doing well in sports!

Yes, you are correct. The bow legs correction or genu varum correction should be performed the earlier the better – in his case he was a toddler. The correction of a genu varum deformity allowed Josh to become the athlete he is today.

I was told by some doctor that I should be in great shape to get additional inches of height after cosmetic limb lengthening. Your thoughts? Is it so important for me to be in a great shape for cosmetic limb lengthening and why?

We can only speak for ourselves. The better the person’s physical condition, the better the results of lengthening tend to be. But you do not need to do additional training or sports before limb lengthening. We don’t ask patient to be in great shape first. After you’re done with recovery, you can start training.

How soon will my email be answered?

We’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

Can you provide consultation remotely?

If you are having problems with getting to the clinic for a consultation due to distance, we can assist via phone or email. We’ll need to see X-rays of your problem area to provide more details. You can send a scan / photo to info[at]