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Feedbacks from the patients Ladisten Clinic.
If you are getting treatment in our clinic now, please share your experience and fill out short review questionary.

Patient feedbacks

  • Patient from Germany says:

    It has been 2 weeks since I had my fixators removed, and it feels great! I still cannot believe that my legs are beautiful and that I can get up every morning without worrying about how I would look that day. I feel so much more confident, beautiful and ready to conquer the world!
    I thank the day I googled ‘bow-legs’ on the internet and found Dr. Veklich and Ladisten! The hesitation and apprehension I had about the surgery, the clinic and the unknown country all went away after my numerous questions to Dr. Victoria and Pavel via email and skype, and to Dr. Veklich when I personally met him in Kiev. I know there are other places that do the same surgery (or at least try to) but this is the kind of a surgery that doesn’t depend on a fancy machine or latest technology, it really is the skills and experience of the doctor that decide the whole thing. And I thank god I found that doctor!
    I would like to thank Dr. Veklich for making my life-long dream come true and for helping me to become the person I have always wanted to be. His skills as a doctor are truly impressive, not to mention his amiable personality and as a human being in general.
    I stayed at the clinic one month, and I truly enjoyed the Ukrainian cooking (Borsch is the best!), conversations with the nurses and the patients, as well 24hour accessibility to simple things like internet, sat tv, etc. The clinic had a homey atmosphere thanks to the good care of such wonderful people like Tanya, Natasha, Lyuda, Oksana, 2 Galinas, Nina, Elena and many more!
    Special thanks to Dr. Victoria for her organizing the logistics and explaining things I always asked for. To Maksim who made it so easy to understand not only the anesthesia part but to get the whole picture in general. Deeply grateful to Pavel who patiently answered all my questions via Skype, and who took a whole day of his schedule to show us around beautiful Kiev! I think Dr. Veklich and his staff are the nicest and dedicated people I have ever seen gather and work in one place!

  • X.Harper says:

    I have been looking for a way to redress my bow legs for almost 20 years, having already lived with them 15 years prior. 18 years ago I had implants put in my calves to try to minimize the gap between my legs. Although the procedure was successful my legs felt un-natural to the touch and the implant kept moving around. I had to remove them 1 years later.

    I longed to wear shorts during hot weather and beautiful small summer dresses instead of my perpetual jeans, long dresses or skirts.
    I had almost given up when I came across the Ladisten youtube videos. I took my time to follow all the different threads to research the different techniques and it appeared to me that Dr Veklich offered a less invasive operation with a quick recovery time.

    I went to the clinic without much expectations, just the hope to be able to walk on straight legs. But from the moment I arrived from the airport I was very well taken care of. The staff was really top notch despite the language barrier. Till I left I was constantly attended to. The therapist spoke English and she was great. The recovery room had all the amenities, the internet was always working. Doctor Victoria came very often to speak with me and answered any questions I had. I was also able to speak with a couple of patients who had surgery before me. The clinic and its entire staff exceed my expectations on every level.

    It’s been 4 months now. I am feeling good, my legs are back to normal, even though my apparatus are still on, I am already wearing my summer dresses inside and outside my home. I couldn’t have been happier. I am already planning on my 17 year old son to have the procedure done next summer since he has inherited my bow legs.

    I would never hesitate to recommend anyone to go the Ladisten clinic for this procedure. Having bowed legs eroded my self esteem as the years went by. My only regret is not to have found out about Dr Veklich clinic sooner.

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