Procedures & Scheduling

Ladisten Clinic cares about patients needs, providing same high level of orthopedic treatment for every patient.
Orthopedic surgery services, post-surgery care and rehabilitation that you get in Ladisten Clinic can be option not only for children but for adults as well.

In most cases, limb lengthening surgery and deformity correction are seen as cosmetic surgery, and are not covered by insurance plans. This is why Clinic tries to make pricing policy affordable for most patients.

The procedures and scheduling process are quite simple and smooth. If you’re an international patient we pick you at the airport at the time of your arrival in Kiev. When you get into Ladisten Clinic, you meet one of our surgeons, give some analysis the same day and surgery can be arranged even the next day after the test results. This is often extremely important for international patients, who want to spend less time away from home. Although Clinic tries to operate patient as soon as possible, for those patients who have traveled long distances to get into Clinic, scheduling of appointments for surgery can be postponed.

Ladisten Clinic’s staff strives to meet the orthopedic needs of patients regardless of their geographic location. We are friendly people who work together as a team to meet the needs of our patients and try to make your journey to us worthwhile.

Procedures befor the Surgery

Here is the information explaining what you will need to do to make your preoperative preparations go smoothly. We will help you, but it is your responsibility to make sure that your preoperative tests are completed before your surgery.

  • Our staff will inform you what kind of tests you will need to give before your surgery in our Clinic. Patients whose test results are not received may have their surgery postponed.
  • All patients need to undergo preoperative physical examination by the primary care physician or pediatrician.
    An early appointment will allow time for any abnormal results, if found, to be investigated. If you do not have a primary care physician, we may be able to direct you to one.
  • Most patients will need to have a blood count (hematocrit) obtained.
    Anyone must have this blood test done before surgery.
  • Some patients will need additional tests.
  • A few patients will need to see a specialist.

If you have a known health problem, such as a heart condition, you will need an additional authorization for surgery from your specialist. Please make your appointments accordingly and make sure that the specialist faxes us his/her approval.

How does it work?

Whatever you do – correct bow legs or knock knees, or increase height with leg lengthening via surgery- you use an amazing ability of bone to grow and soft tissues to stretch.
Traditionally, the surgical approach to lengthening or correction was performed by medical grounds to correct disproportional leg lengths or to repair bones after an accident.

With time it became an option for treating warfism, upper and lower limb length discrepancies, short stature, limb deformities, non-unions, bone defects, bone infections, joint contractures, and arthritis.