Ladisten Clinic provides effective and affordable orthopedic care by incorporating new technology in medicine. Ladisten gives patients from around the globe high level of medical treatment, post-surgery care and rehabilitation. There are some reasons why people from different countries choose Ladisten Clinic for orthopedic surgeries each year:

  • Top doctors and staff. The head of the clinic, Mr.Veklich is Doctor of Medicine and professional surgeon in limb lengthening surgery and deformity correction for adults and children. Dr. Veklich has about 30 years in Orthopedics and Traumatology and 15 years in cosmetic surgery. He started as Orthopedic and Traumatologic surgeon in Kyiv Scientific-Research Orthopaedic Institute, and ended up as head Orthopedic and Traumatologic surgeon in the Institute. After the years he is the head of his private orthopedic clinic Ladisten, where he can share his experience and knowledge with patients and staff of the Clinic. Staff at Ladisten Clinic are choosen carefully based on their educational background, medical skills and personal qualities.
  • We use Ilizarov-Veklich device, which is unique to the Ladisten Clinic. This device is an external fixator, based on Ilizarov’s fixator but improved to the next grade. Surgery at Ladisten Clinic, combined with Ilizarov-Veklich device is the best choice for lengthening and deformities correction treatment. Veklich device should be seen differently comparing to other fixators, as it differs not only visually, but what’s most important – results it achieves: no/low risk of pin infection, no scarring, no muscle tension by the pins, less pain, and better comfort for the patient. Ilizarov-Veklich device shows unmatchable results and assures importance of using the apparatus for dealing with orthopedic trauma, birth defects, limb lengthening and deformities correction.
  • Minimally-invasive, low risk treatment. A part of Ladisten’s mission is to continually look for new and better ways of providing orthopedic medical services. Ladisten Clinic guided by “First, do no harm” principle, offering less intrusive techniques while operation and convenient Ilizarov-Veklich device for more comfort, less pain and less risks for its patients. Every surgery we perform, is done with minimally invasive techniques, that allow fast, bloodless, no-soft-tissue-cutting operation to be carried out.
  • Reputation. Ladisten has earned a reputation for solving difficult orthopedic problems, you can visit Patient Stories or Photo Gallery for your reference.
  • Flexible pricing policy. Ladisten Clinic provides effective solution at a really honest price. Please contact Ladisten Clinic to know more on payment matters and pricing policy for your case.