Cruroplasty (plastic of the lower legs)


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Description of the disease

At the present stage of development, orthopedics has reached a level when this branch of medicine can be easily equated with cosmetic surgery. Orthopedic corrective operations become easier and more accessible, and the result allows a person to acquire both functionality and the desired effect in terms of appearance.

What is cruroplasty?

Cruroplasty is, in simple words, the correction of shape and size of the lower leg using gel or silicone implants. Also this manipulation is called prosthetic repair. The procedure belongs to the category of cosmetic surgery – therefore, in most cases, it carries an aesthetic rather than a functional effect.

Indications for the procedure

Cruroplasty is a fully cosmetic kind of manipulation, so patients usually come with confidence and exact understanding of what they want.

The procedure of cruroplasty would be appropriate for people with:

  • Muscle hypertrophy or other changes after earlier disease.
  • “False” curvature of the ankles with normal bone or joint structure.
  • Congenital deformities.
  • Underdeveloped muscles in the lower leg.
  • Traumatic hypotrophy or atrophy of muscles.
  • Men and women who want to get the desired shape of the lower leg quickly.

Most often, the method of cruroplasty is chosen by girls – they get rid of complexes, start wearing more open clothes and stop hiding their beautiful legs from the world. Self-confidence is what everyone needs. As a result, life is changing dramatically, so you shouldn’t deny yourself of such pleasure!

Who shouldn’t choose to undergo cruroplasty?

For patients suffering from Genu valgum and Genu varum, there are special treatment methods available in our clinic. The surgical manipulation of cruroplasty simply won’t help to solve the problem and won’t give a positive result.

The results of cruroplasty

  • straight and beautiful legs;
  • harmonious appearance;
  • confidence in one’s appearance.

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This operation helps to get rid not only of the asymmetry of the lower leg but also of the complexes!

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Before the operation, a consultation with the doctor is appointed. The doctor conducts a thorough examination, measures the volume of the lower legs and calculates the asymmetry. After that, the specialist gives a conclusion on whether cruroplasty is suitable for the patient. The essence of surgery is installation of implants. Access can be made anywhere in the lower leg, but more often an incision under the knee is done so that there won’t be large visible scars. The implants are created using a special hypoallergenic gel so patients do not have rejection. The consistency of the implant is very similar to a real muscle, and it cannot be distinguished when touched. The duration of the operation is 1.5 hours.


The period of recovery takes about a month. The patient is discharged from the hospital literally on the second day, and the sutures are removed in a week after the surgery. The rehabilitation period lasts a month on average. It is important to listen and follow the recommendations of the orthopedic surgeon:

  • Physical load should be reduced for the next three to four weeks.
  • If you practice sports, then you should give your body a rest for about two months.
  • To improve lymphatic drainage and to reduce pain, compression underwear should be used.

Plastic surgery of the legs doesn’t affect the quality of life, so right after the operation you will be able to work, relax and spend time as before, without changing your daily routine (except for intense physical activities).

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