Information for the patient

We tried to answer frequently asked questions about Ladisten Clinic.

How to get an appointment at your clinic?

Consultations at Ladisten Clinic are held from 9.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Friday. First you need to call and confirm your arrival: + 38-067-794-46-86 or + 38-044-209-80-54. We are waiting for you in Ladisten Clinic!

How does the operation of lengthening the legs by 4-5 cm affect the general condition of the body (can any new diseases develop, can hereditary diseases reveal themselves etc.)?

The general condition of the body after lengthening the legs won’t change since the operation is performed with minimal invasiveness, without typical skin incisions and almost without blood loss. After complete rehabilitation and recovery, the patient will be able to return to his or her normal lifestyle and even to the sport that he or she has practiced before the operation. As for the activation of hereditary diseases, this is excluded.

In case of lengthening the legs or correcting the shape of the legs, how the operation affects the future offspring, the reproductive function? There is frequent exposure to X-rays, chemical drugs and other factors…

Through the entire period of treatment, the patient is exposed to X-rays only 2 to 4 times – this is not a large dose of radiation. We do not prescribe chemicals to patients unnecessarily, we mainly prescribe homeopathic medicines.

In case of lengthening of the lower leg by 6-7 cm, how will the surgical manipulation be carried out and how the postoperative period will pass? For how long it is needed to use crutches and when it will possible to move independently?

The entire period of treatment will take about 6 to 8 months. The time of operation is on average about 1 hour on both legs. After the operation, the patient is not allowed to walk 3 to 4 months, only after 3 to 4 months you will begin to move with help of crutches. You will need to use crutches for about 2 months, and then you can start walking on your own, without any help.

Is it possible to do leg modeling based on a photo?

Leg modeling is just a computer image created by a computer program, which gives an attitude that forces the end result to be only the same “on the picture”! Such a step aimed to bring psychological calm doesn’t always give positive results for the patient. We perform the correction in accordance with the anatomically correct axis. You will be able to see straight legs immediately after the operation, and the achievement of such a result, not that of a computer image, is what should interest you in first place. Within 2 weeks after the operation, it is possible to correct the result if the patient is not satisfied with something.

Do you perform medialization?

Yes, of course we do, if it is necessary. The decision on the need for medialization is made by the operating doctor, and only if there are indications for this.

What is the cost of valgus deformity or varus deformity correction?

The cost of surgery and treatment must be agreed on an individual basis. During the initial consultation, you need to contact the clinic and send the photos of your legs to e-mail:

How long does the treatment of valgus deformity or varus deformity take?

The entire duration of treatment is about 3-4 months, taking into account the character of deformity and age.

Is it possible to increase height and straighten legs simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible. “Straightening of the legs”, as you call it, or rather, correction of the varus deformity of knee joints can be performed simultaneously with height increase. This saves the patient’s time and money.

Do you perform feet deformity correction?

Yes, we do, but in this case everything should be agreed individually – both the period of treatment and the cost.

What is the possibility of the “fracture disease” and osteoporosis to be developed after osteotomy and bone lengthening?

“Fracture diseases” and osteoporosis occur only in cases when the patient has bone problems – these may include metabolic problems or the factor of old age. In other cases, this is simply not possible.

Is it possible to increase height without using surgery?

In fact, after you have stopped growing, you can’t increase your height in any way. Neither vitamins nor exercise can help increase height after your bones have stopped growing.

Would your method of leg shape correction be suitable for me?

To answer this question, we need at least to see the X-ray photograps of your legs. But we have already corrected the shape of the legs to hundreds of patients, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

I have a polytrauma (lower leg, collarbone) after a traffic accident. Can you help me?

The profile of Ladisten clinic is traumatology and orthopedics, so you have come to the right place. But first of all, we need to see you or at least your X-rays. We have already helped many patients after severe injuries and fractures. Please feel free to contact us – we will do our best to help you.