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Description of the disease

Many people have experienced psychological complexes due to low height or disproportion of legs. Whereas in the past such a diagnosis was destiny, today, with the help of modern medical technologies, operations aimed to increase height and lengthen the legs became available.

We will help you get rid of the complexes and make the quality of life better!

How the lengthening or legs or increase of height is achieved?

The operation to increase growth is a surgical intervention that is performed through lengthening of two legs at the same time. In case of limb length discrepancy, lengthening is also done for one leg.

Previously, this operation was performed using the Ilizarov device. Ilizarov’s technique was founded and proposed in 1951. The essence of the technique was to stretch the soft tissues and bone, resulting in distraction (extension) of the structures. Under the influence of tissue tension, bone regenerate occurs. Over time, the regenerate turns into normal bone tissue.

However, apart from the advantages, the Ilizarov device has serious disadvantages: for example, due to its non-functional structure, it leaves large scars from the spokes after the end of treatment. In addition to a cosmetic defect, which was in particular a matter of confusion for women and mothers of girls, doctors were concerned about wound healing. Very often, an infection got into the holes where the spokes were, after which an infection occurred that could lead to muscle contractures or osteomyelitis.

Fixation device designed by Veklich V.V.

When performing surgical procedures aimed to increase height or lengthen the legs, the doctors of Ladisten use the patented device designed by Veklich V.V.

In the development of Veklich device (the modernized Ilizarov device), the disadvantages of ergonomics and invasiveness were taken into account and corrected. There are no spokes injuring the skin in the device; instead of them, arcs and semi-rings are used, so the installation of such device is minimally invasive. This type of construction reduces the time of rehabilitation period since soft tissues are practically not injured.

It is worth noting that Veklich device is quite light and ergonomic. Therefore, the process of rehabilitation of patient during the period of wearing the device and recovery is related to minimal discomfort. Its shape and dimensions are developed individually, taking into account the anatomical characteristics of the patient.

Is height increase surgery safe?

One of the key points that interests patients in terms of an operation aimed to increase height (that is, a leg lengthening operation) is safety. You can judge for yourself how safe is the operation to increase height using Veklich device:

  • practical experience in performing osteotomy for more than 40 years;
  • favorable outcome in the vast majority of patients (99%);
  • an advanced design that reduces the risk of infection and injury during surgery. By the way, the spokes in the Ilizarov device can hurt the arteries or nerve endings causing irreparable harm. The Veklich device eliminates this factor;
  • accelerated rehabilitation period which makes it able for the patient to return to a normal lifestyle after 6-7 months and reduces the psychological discomfort associated with wearing a fixation device;
  • minimal invasiveness provides minimal blood loss and the absence of large open wounds;
  • 100% biocompatibility. Unlike implants or metal rods, in case of using Dr. Veklich’s method the height is increased by adding your own natural bone tissue, which is fully compatible with the patient, without the risk of rejection.

Despite all the advantages and rich experience of surgical manipulations, risk factors are always present. In 99% of cases, the operation is successful and a lifelong result is maintained. But still, there are some contraindications so you need to undergo a full examination before getting to the operating table.

Indications for surgery aimed to increase height (lengthen the legs)

Making a decision about an operation aimed to increase height is a serious step, so we insist on a preliminary consultation with a doctor. It is important that there are indications for the operation.

If you belong to one of the categories listed below, we are waiting for you to provide a consultation at Ladisten clinic:

Who should make an appointment?

The operation aimed to increase height includes several stages

Consultation and preparation for the surgical procedure

The stage of consultation and preparation for surgery allows the patient to get acquainted with the clinic, doctors, staff, take x-rays, assess his or her physical condition and, if necessary, get to know other patients. Each consultation involves a meeting with the leading orthopedic surgeon Vitaliy Veklich. During an individual consultation, Vitaliy Veklich will explain in detail the principle of treatment, in particular, how the Veklich external fixation devices are used for lengthening of limbs. After the consultation, the patient can agree on the date of surgery. It is supposed to pass medical tests.


The operation time is 1.20 hours on both legs. Without making incisions typically found in cases of traditional operations, a bone incision is made through a small 1-2 mm hole. The technique of minimal invasiveness allows to avoid blood loss. In medicine, such operations are commonly called bloodless due to the fact there is practically no loss of blood. During the operation, the surgeon installs external fixation devices.

Leg lengthening process

On the 10th day after surgical procedure of height increase, the process of elongation by 1 mm per day begins. The time required for lengthening depends on the length by which the bone is lengthened. X-rays are taken every 3-6 weeks and help to monitor the state of bone elongation.

In case of height correction for healthy people having average height, the reasoning for its rational increase is necessary. The amount of increase is determined taking into account the anatomical norms and proportions of human body. If these norms and ratios are violated at the insistence of the patient, the resulting imbalances are cosmetically more defective than low height. Only a doctor can correctly determine how many centimeters a person can grow. The treatment method according to Veklich makes it possible to extend segments of the limbs by 4-7 cm in one stage and after one surgical operation.

Consolidation (hardening)

Upon reaching the expected bone length, the distraction is stopped and the process of bone regeneration begins. The consolidation phase depends on the resulting increase in bone length.

It should be noted that despite the general tendencies, the actual time required for distraction and consolidation may differ for each specific patient due to the individual characteristics of the body.

Removing devices

Before removing the devices, a test is done – the devices that the patient is wearing are unblocked, they stop holding the bone and the patient walks for 2-3 hours. An X-ray photograph is taken, and after that the doctor decides if the devices should be removed. The process of removal of the devices takes 2-5 minutes. After removing the devices, patients can remain in the clinic for rehabilitation or return home.

Is it painful to undergo height increase surgery?

Any operation is associated with discomfort. “Is it painful to increase height?” Is one of the first questions that patients ask. The osteotomy takes place under anesthesia so a person does not feel anything while lying on the table. The cuts on the skin are minimal so the wounds after surgery do not hurt much. However, since the incision is made on the bone, in the first days there will be pain in the legs.

Edema of the limb may occur, as in case of an injury or fracture. At this stage, painkillers in form of injections or tablets are prescribed to the patient. Usually, edema and severe soreness go away 3-5 days after surgery.

In the following days, the patient gets used to his or her new condition, starts walking bit by bit. This process is not painful, but discomfort, unpleasant friction, a feeling of “excess”, inconvenience of movement, etc. can occur. Usually everyone copes with this task easily.

The stage of “lengthening” itself is not painful. It takes place gradually, 1 mm per day, and is practically not felt. All that is needed is to gradually turn the nuts on the device.

Starting from the point of 2-3 cm of stretching, pain can occur. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the “dose” of stretching to 0.5 mm per day. Patients note that this pain can be got through, because the end result is worth it.

The consequences of height increase / leg lengthening surgery

The consequences of leg lengthening are visible in an increase of height by 5-7 cm. This is the desired result that patients dream of. Bones increase in size due to the formation of new tissue, and the effect lasts forever.

In addition to height increase, concomitant pathologies such as varus or valgus deformities may be eliminated. After that, the legs become not only long, but also straight.

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It’s great when long legs were given to you naturally – but if the nature has decided otherwise, you can always get long legs with the help of Ladisten!

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If you have a desire to increase your height

Thanks to stretching the legs, the height increases by 7-16 centimeters which allows you to get rid of existing complexes caused by low height

Consequences of injuries

After the fracture, the bone is adjusted and fixed in the desired position with help of the device. After some time, bone fragments grow together and the leg acquires former functional state

Bow legs and knock-knees

The device changes the bone structure and eliminates the curvature. As a result of straightening, the legs become perfectly straight and the growth increases by 4-7 cm, depending on the degree of curvature of the legs

Different leg length

During surgical treatment, a shorter limb segment is extended. The existing difference is eliminated and the length of the legs is balanced

Disproportion of the body

Limb length discrepancy correction is carried out, due to which correct body proportions are restored

Congenital bone defects

The method of surgical treatment is being chosen depending on the defect: the bone tissue is partially removed, the bone is straightened, the split areas are connected. As a result of manipulations, it is possible to straighten the limbs and eliminate deformities


Founder/Chief surgeon

The founder of “Ladisten” medical center of orthopedics and traumatology Veklich Vitaliy Viktorovich is a surgeon in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults who has been practicing for more than 40 years. Author of the modified external fixation devices – the Veklich devices.

Work experience: 40 years
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Head doctor, orthopedic and traumatic surgeon

Head doctor of the Ladisten Clinic Medical Center, a professional certified surgeon in the field of pediatric and adult orthopedics and traumatology.

Work experience: 15 years
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Doctor of Medicine, anesthesiologist

Work experience: 27 years
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Before performing any surgical procedure, the doctors of Ladisten Clinic Medical Center measure the patient’s body proportions and determine the optimal elongation rate for him. The value of the maximum increase in length is determined by the extensibility of the soft tissues in case of a particular patient. In most cases, for a cosmetic increase in a person’s height, a stretch of 6-7 cm is sufficient. Before surgery, it is necessary to undergo a series of tests to determine the patient’s health state accurately and eliminate possible contraindications.

What tests need to be done before height increase (leg lengthening) surgery?

  • Blood type + rhesus
  • Coagulogram
  • Advanced blood count
  • Blood glucose
  • Urea
  • Blood creatinine
  • AST
  • ALT
  • Common bilirubin
  • Urinalysis general
  • ECG with decoding


The huge advantage of the device designed by Veklich V.V. is that It can be easily removed. As a result, the patient should undergo just one operation, during the installation of the device and then a little manipulation – the removal of devices. After removal of the construction, no large scars are left. Small spots with 2 mm in size disappear within a few months. Rehabilitation lasts about two months on average in clinic. The devices are removed after 7 months. It consists in constant slight physical load (exercises) on the legs. If possible, swimming lessons are prescribed. The patient can live his or her usual life, just as before. After the end of the rehabilitation period, physical activity may be fully restored without any restrictions.


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