Correction of limb disproportion or limb shortening


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Description of the disease

Limb disproportion or shortening of limbs is a congenital or acquired pathology. This problem affects aspects of medicine, genetics, orthopedics and cosmetology. When talking about shortening the limbs, we mean different lengths of the legs. Situations vary: the diagnosis of limb disproportion is caused by a disease in which one limb is shorter than the other (congenital pathology) or post-traumatic shortening of a limb (history of trauma).

You can get rid of limb disproportion with the help of modern orthopedic technologies. Ladisten Clinic has been successfully using and improving them for more than 30 years.

The operation is performed closed, without a skin incision, with punctures, an external fixation device is installed, the patient begins to walk 2-3 days after the operation. In this case, neither the number of cm nor which segment is shortened matters for treatment.

After surgical treatment, the patient fully recovers and returns to normal life and sports, there are no restrictions.

Corrective surgery

The pathological deformity described as “limb length discrepancy” or “subjectively low height” is corrected with help of surgery. Patients from 36 countries have already received positive treatment results at Ladisten Clinic. Minimally invasive surgery and advanced fixation device designed by Dr. Veklich do miracles.

Of course, such kind of correction is a long and difficult way, but as a result, the patient receives:

  • proportional limb length;
  • a proportional figure;
  • straight legs. Together with lengthening, the shape of the legs can also be corrected: the pathology of knock-knees or bow legs can be eliminated;
  • surgery with minimal blood loss and risk of complications. Dr. Veklich’s device, being an improved version of the Ilizarov device, allows to perform surgical procedures through small incisions in the leg and it is not needed to wear bulky constructions during the rehabilitation period;
  • limbs without large scars;
  • the patient’s own bone tissue which is completely formed, 100% natural and biologically compatible, as in a number of foreign clinics artificial rods are used to lengthen the limbs;
  • harmonious psycho-emotional state. The complexes caused by low height and the pathology of limb length discrepancy would no longer be a reason for stress.

It’s great when long legs were given to you naturally – but if the nature has decided otherwise, you can always get long legs with the help of Ladisten!

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Founder/Chief surgeon

The founder of “Ladisten” medical center of orthopedics and traumatology Veklich Vitaliy Viktorovich is a surgeon in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults who has been practicing for more than 40 years. Author of the modified external fixation devices – the Veklich devices.

Work experience: 40 years
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Doctor of Medicine, anesthesiologist

Work experience: 27 years
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Head doctor, orthopedic and traumatic surgeon

Head doctor of the Ladisten Clinic Medical Center, a professional certified surgeon in the field of pediatric and adult orthopedics and traumatology.

Work experience: 15 years
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How the operation is carried out

At the preparatory stage, doctors model the future shape of the legs and determine by calculation how many centimeters are needed to be added in order to achieve anatomical proportions. The nuances are discussed and additional examinations are carried out.

Before surgery, the patient stays in the clinic for 2-3 days. The surgery lasts 1-2 hours, depending on the situation. During surgery, a bone is cut and Veklich device is installed.


The first 10 days after the surgical procedure are critical. During this period, the foundation is being laid. The device is adjusted and legs are being lengthened millimeter by millimeter. New tissues form at the points of incision and a new bone is formed.

Late rehabilitation. The patient returns to his or her usual way of life. He or she still wears a device that supports the musculoskeletal function taking all the load on itself and allowing the tissues to grow together normally and to ossify. 6-7 months after the operation, the device is removed.

The diagnosis of limb length discrepancy disappears and a person remains healthy even years after the surgery.


With all my heart I want to thank Vitaliy Viktorovich and Victoria Vitaliivna. I was very worried and afraid of the operation, I have read a lot about it, and it turned out that everything is in fact exactly as it is written. The operation was quick, there were no scars after the operation and after wearing the devices on my legs. And now I am happy and confident in my future with new and straight legs.

Girl, 18 years old
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