Price list of the Medical Center of Ladisten Clinic LLC for assistance

Name of the servicePrice, uah
Consultative reception
1Consultation of an orthopedist-traumatologist, (preoperative examination)1000,00
2Consultation with a pediatrician, (preoperative examination)1000,00
3Consultation of a surgeon, (preoperative examination)800,00
4Consultation with a pediatric anesthesiologist (preoperative examination)800,00
5Consultation with an adult anesthesiologist (preoperative examination)800,00
Injections and manipulations
6Intravenous injection (without the cost of medication)140,00
7Intravenous drip (without the cost of medication)500,00
8Intravenous drip (taking into account the cost of medication)850,00
9Intramuscular injection (without the cost of medication)150,00
10Rectal microenema, adult120,00
11Children’s microenema (without the cost of medication)100,00
12Subcutaneous injection (without the cost of medication)110,00
13Intradermal injection (without the cost of medication)110,00
14Catheterization of the bladder260,00
15Removal of the urinary catheter150,00
16Application anesthesia (taking into account the cost of medication)300,00
17Infiltration anesthesia (taking into account the cost of medication)320,00
18Conductive anesthesia (taking into account the cost of medication)350,00
19Endotracheal anesthesia (1 hour) (taking into account the cost of medication)4000,00
20General anesthesia (1 hour) (taking into account the cost of medication)3000,00
21General anesthesia (every next hour)900,00
22Spinal / epidural anesthesia (taking into account the cost of medication)3200,00
23Seam removal250,00
24Bandaging of 1 category of complexity250,00
25Bandaging of 2 categories of complexity350,00
26Primary surgical treatment of PHO wound350,00
27Treatment of the wound with antiseptic, application of an aseptic bandage300,00
Medical manipulations
30Drainage of bursitis, hematoma1000,00
31Scotch bandage removal700,00
32Applying an aseptic bandage220,00
33Applying a bandage scotch tape (bandage) is large2000,00
34Applying a bandage scotch tape (bandage) is small1600,00
35Baker’s cyst removal7000,00
36Separation of syndactyly 2-3 fingers, free skin grafting.90000,00
37Reconstructive surgery for deformity of the first toe (Hallusvalgus) 1 foot, taking into account hospital stay for up to 10 days and medication40000,00
55Inpatient treatment in a single ward (1 day)5550,00
56Inpatient treatment in a double ward (1 day)3500,00
57Accompaniment of the patient with accommodation in the ward (1 day)2000,00
58Day hospital in the hospital (1 hour)250,00
X-ray methods
59Radiography of both hip joints in one projection600,00
60Radiography of the pelvic bones in one projection500,00
61Radiography of bones and joints in one projection500,00
Rehabilitation (rehabilitation services are provided only under the direction of a doctor)
62Paraffin-ozokerite applications150,00
63Magnetic therapy (in children up to 10 minutes)160,00
64Magnetic therapy (1 session for adults)170,00
65Bioptron lamp treatment (1 session)170,00
66Myostimulation (1 zone)160,00
67Development of knee contracture on the device (1 session)200,00

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