Knock-knees (Genu Valgum) correction


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Description of the disease

Ideal legs have their own standards of beauty: they should be straight, knees, feet and calves should close up forming three spaces. Such a standard is important not only from an aesthetic, but also from a medical point of view. Any deviations can be harmful to health. If only the knees close up and the feet diverge to the sides, the orthopedist diagnoses valgus deformity. How to live with such a diagnosis and what kind of treatment Ladisten clinic can offer is described in our article.

Is there a need to perform surgery?

Many patients are afraid of surgery because they think it is a complex, painful procedure. Ladisten Medical Center demystifies the matter: the unique operations performed in the clinic speak for themselves:

“The diagnosis of valgus deformity is not destiny!”

The results of the correction are:

  • straight legs for life;
  • proper load distribution on the joints and spine;
  • reduced risk of arthrosis;
  • pain and tiredness in the legs disappear;
  • the patient gains self-confidence, forms a new beautiful gait.

The operation eliminates the problem forever. It doesn’t imply prolonged wearing of ugly hinged braces.

What is unique about Dr. Veklich’s technology?

Unlike a standard device, the Veklich device has the following advantages:

  •  less weight of the device (less than 800 g);
  • ergonomic design of elements (arcs and semi-rings) that repeat the anatomical shape of the legs and don’t interfere with the usual way of life;
  • small incisions (2-5 mm) during surgery. This point is especially important for young women who are afraid of gross scars;
  • lack of fragile spokes and rods which often give complications and can cause inflammation.

How is the alignment of the knock knee?

The process of correction includes three stages and is performed with help of the improved Ilizarov device – the Veklich fixation device.

  • Operation. Small incisions are made on the leg, in the areas of anticnemions and hips, an osteotomy is performed (the required bone is incised and fixed in the correct position to grow). Full fixation is supported by the device. The operation lasts 30-40 minutes on both legs. During the operation, spinal anesthesia is used, so the patient wakes up immediately after the operation is completed.
  • Correction. Correction. At this stage correction of the legs shape occurs which lasts for a few days. Usually, correction starts on the 5th-7th day after the operation. It’s duration depends on the deformity degree. A gradual correction allows it to improve the curvature precisely up to the tenth of a degree. It’s the most precise method of all existing at present. Decision to stop correction is taken by the doctor together with the patient.
  • Fixation. This stage is the longest of all. During fixation or consolidation, the corrected bones are held with the devices till complete union of the bones. Fixation lasts about 1 month. During this stage patients are most mobile, they are able to walk without crutches and don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Many people say that they just forget they have apparatus on their legs. At the end of fixation stage radiography is done and degree of union is estimated. If the bone tissue has become solid enough, the devices can be removed.

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It is possible to make your legs beautiful and healthy again in just a few weeks!

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Founder/Chief surgeon

The founder of “Ladisten” medical center of orthopedics and traumatology Veklich Vitaliy Viktorovich is a surgeon in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults who has been practicing for more than 40 years. Author of the modified external fixation devices – the Veklich devices.

Work experience: 40 years
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Doctor of Medicine, anesthesiologist

Work experience: 27 years
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Head doctor, orthopedic and traumatic surgeon

Head doctor of the Ladisten Clinic Medical Center, a professional certified surgeon in the field of pediatric and adult orthopedics and traumatology.

Work experience: 15 years
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How is the preparation for surgery?

You can get an operation at the Ladisten Medical Center only after prior consultation with the orthopedic surgeon of our.

What tests need to be done before surgery?

  • Blood type + rhesus
  • Coagulogram
  • Advanced blood count
  • Blood glucose
  • Urea
  • Blood creatinine
  • AST
  • ALT
  • Common bilirubin
  • Urinalysis general
  • ECG with decoding


During the first days after surgery, the legs may hurt and swell, as in case with any surgical manipulation. To avoid pain, painkillers are prescribed, and antibiotics may be used for the prevention of infection. Full rehabilitation takes 2.5-3 months. During this time, the bones are grown in the correct position. The device is removed in the clinic in 3 minutes. The patient enters a new life with beautiful healthy legs. More details about rehabilitation.


Knock-knee (Genu Valgum) correction photo and video before and after


With all my heart I want to thank Vitaliy Viktorovich and Victoria Vitaliivna. I was very worried and afraid of the operation, I have read a lot about it, and it turned out that everything is in fact exactly as it is written. The operation was quick, there were no scars after the operation and after wearing the devices on my legs. And now I am happy and confident in my future with new and straight legs.

Girl, 18 years old
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