“Dr. Veklich’s globally recognized Genu Varum correction technique is now protected by the United States Copyright Law. This is another step towards successful medical franchising for our partners, as well as a guarantee of using genuine equipment and treatment methodology for patients”, – claim the representatives of Veklich company.


Dr. Vitaliy Veklich has been engaged in cosmetic orthopedics (including height increase, leg lengthening, correction of valgus and varus deformities) for more than 40 years. During his work, Dr. Veklich has developed a unique method for correcting varus deformity. Thanks to the improved Veklich fixation device, a large number of patients have already got healthy legs with all the advantages of surgery:

  • minimal invasiveness;
  • bloodlessness;
  • accelerated rehabilitation;
  • absence of scars.

bowlegged-correction-surgery by Veklich apparatus

The technique has gained authority in world orthopedics long ago. As soon as Veklich company introduced the Veklich franchise to the market, many orthopedic practitioners, plastic surgeons and businessmen who own their own clinics made a choice in this direction.

However, the number of unscrupulous businessmen-doctors who have tried to repeat the method has also increased. Unfortunately, the consequences of using low-quality devices together with violation of the treatment protocol appear regrettable. In order to forestall such experience, Veklich company has applied for a copyright registration application to the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. Just recently, the certificate has been issued.

By the way, the methodology and device have long been certified with the Quality Mark in their homeland – that is, in Ukraine. But this does not stop the scammers. A U.S. copyright certificate protects the technology, and with it, the patients.

Now only franchisee partners can use the technology legally. This means that they received the Veklich apparatus from the hands of Veklich representatives, and the expert personnel themselves underwent a training course from the author of the technology.

Franchisees, in turn, don’t need to worry about much competition. Only they have the right to use the technology and discuss it with patients. Other “experts” are fraudsters and outright violators of the Copyright Act.

By the way, registration in the Library of Congress of the USA and the data entered in the register are automatically considered proved before the court. If someone challenges them, they must pay all the costs of the lawsuit and in fact have no chance to win the court.

“As world practice shows, the technologies registered in the Copyright Office are less prone to fakes and plagiarism attempts. First of all, this will protect our patients from unscrupulous doctors. And of course, the franchisee’s audience is expanding. Business people strive to get a high-quality, unique and safe medical business. Since the moment of receiving the certificate, a lot of people have become interested in the franchise”.

The Library of Congress has been working with copyright for more than 150 years. The copyright law was issued back in 1790. Registration began in 1870. At that time, the person to be responsible for the process was the chief librarian of Congress. And only 100 years after the law came out – in 1897, an independent unit, namely the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress, was created. The archive contains more than 45 million cards for the works of art, music, and technology. More than 16 million records are stored in digital format. Despite these numbers, obtaining a successful application confirmation and the certificate itself is not easy. An invention must be unique and inimitable throughout the world.

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable goods today. Therefore, it is so important to confirm authorship at the legislative level. And in the case of medical technology, this is also necessary for the health of patients.

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