Valgus deformity (knock-knees): symptoms, diagnostics, treatment

Ideal legs have their own standards of beauty: they should be straight, knees, feet and calves should close up forming three spaces. Such a standard is important not only from an aesthetic, but also from a medical point of view. Any deviations can be harmful to health. If only the knees close up and the feet diverge to the sides, the orthopedist diagnoses knock-knees (valgus deformity).

What is valgus deformity?

Knock-knees are a serious pathology that belongs to deformities of the lower limbs. It occurs in young children (up to 7 years old), but during this period only observation and prevention are required since the musculoskeletal system is still being formed. As a rule, by the age of 7, the dynamics are already visible. At the age of 11 years, the diagnosis of valgus deformity (knock-knees) is not yet final. The process can go backward, but it can develop further as well. The consequences of knock-knees are much more serious at an older age.

Visually the legs resemble the letter “X”, and serious diseases occur inside them. They can be related the femur or the anticnemion, depending on which the treatment is different.

Valgus deformity (knock-knees): the causes

There are several causes of Genu valgum, with the following considered as the major ones:

  • rickets in children
  • spinal diseases (usually congenital)
  • injuries and fractures of the femur leading to unilateral valgus deformity
  • severe infections (osteomyelitis)
  • some benign tumors

Very often, the development of Genu valgum is found in overweight people. If the child is chubby, the possibility of valgus to develop increases. The reason is simple: the joints are still being formed, they can’t support excess weight and weaken under its influence. And on the contrary, too thin children may have a weak muscle system.

Women suffer more often from this pathology due to the structural features of the pelvis.


Важливий момент: діагноз вальгусна деформація ніг (Х-подібна деформація) буває «хибним», тоді це лише косметичний дефект. Пацієнти з «хибною патологією» не відчувають фізичного дискомфорту, але може проявлятися психологічний аспект. Справжня вальгусна деформація ніг (Х-подібна деформація) дає про себе знати наступним чином:

  • швидка втома після навантажень (біг, фізкультура);
  • м’язові судоми;
  • незграбна хода у дітей та невпевнена – у дорослих.

Перші ознаки Genu valgum можна побачити неозброєним оком. Якщо людину поставити рівно, зімкнути ноги, коліна будуть торкатися одне одного, а стопи розходитись на відстань 4-5 см і більше.

How to identify it

The first sign of valgus deformity

The diagnostics are carried out in two stages: initial examination; X-ray study and plantography. The X-ray detects the unevenness of the gap between the joints and shows the development of the condyles. The foot imprint (plantography) acts as an assistive method in the diagnostics which also detects platypodia. All examinations and consultations can be carried out at Ladisten clinic. Modern equipment and 28 years of experience in therapy make it possible to confirm the correct diagnosis with no doubt.

Is it possible to live with it?

It is possible to live with such a defect, but you shouldn’t do so

The deformity of knock-knees significantly affects the quality of life. The risk of age-related complications in the musculoskeletal system increases significantly, not to mention the psychological complexes. Even false valgus deformity causes lack of self-confidence. It is difficult for women to wear heels, while for men it is more difficult to practice sports and keep fit.

What the future holds

Valgus deformity (the pathology of knock-knees) leads to the following consequences: ligaments in the knee joints are stretched, the joint is loosened and may bend to the side; platypodia is formed, legs begin to hurt even more; with unilateral valgus, one leg becomes shorter, the posture changes, scoliosis develops. Is it worth to risk and leave the problem without attention?

Preventive measures

Exercise therapy, special training complex

Exercises help to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, ligaments and muscles. If valgus is suspected in a child, it is necessary to periodically check the condition of joints.

Additional preventive measures

Wearing of special shoes, special massage, hinged braces which are prescribed in difficult situations. If preventive methods don’t help, an operation is performed.


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The preparation for the surgery includes:

  • збір анамнезу;
  • здачу аналізів;
  • рентгенографію і діагностику.

Визначається ступінь патології, можливість оперативного втручання, складається індивідуальний план лікування. В обов’язковому порядку перед оперативним втручанням необхідно пройти ряд досліджень для точної оцінки стану здоров’я пацієнта і виключити можливі протипоказання.   «Діагноз вальгусна деформація ніг (Х-подібна деформація) – не вирок». Отримати красу та здоров’я ніг можна за кілька тижнів!


The period of rehabilitation is 2.5 - 3 months

Повна реабілітація проходить після операції за 2,5-3 місяці. За цей час кістки зростаються в правильному положенні.

Апарат знімають в клініці за 3 хвилини.

Пацієнт вступає в нове життя красивими, здоровими ногами.


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