With all my heart I want to thank Vitaliy Viktorovich for fulfilling my dream of having straight legs! I gave up already, thinking it was impossible. But it turned out that such a wizard lives and works nearby, in Kyiv, and has helped so many of my companions in despair. I just want to say – thank you very much! For your professionalism and skill, for your truly gifted hands that save people’s arms and legs, and give them the opportunity to live a full life. And also for sincerity, for a big heart - it's not a secret that the atmosphere in any team depends on the leader. Vitaliy Viktorovich managed to create a unique clinic where you feel like you are at home. Two weeks spent there have flown by as an instant. During this time, I already became attached both to the wonderful team and to my neighbor patients. The comfort that is created for patients in every matter, professional care, sincerely warm attitude of the staff, varied home kitchen, the attention of the doctor - all this works for a quick recovery, I'm sure!!!! Dr. Veklich gives beautiful straight legs, and what is also important, with the least possible losses for the body and the least possible injury. I trusted him unconditionally. And I regret only one thing, that I didn’t know about such operations before. Otherwise, I would have passed it a long time ago and forgot about the problem which was bothering me a lot. Thank you, Vitaliy Viktorovich! Thanks to all your helpers! I wish you good health and fulfillment of all your plans!

Ladisten International