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In 2020, the direction occupies up to 11% of the entire global franchise market

Franchising is a form of doing business which originated at the end of the 19th century. Isaac Singer, the manufacturer of sewing equipment, is considered to be the first franchisor.  Soon, the example of the wise Isaac was followed by General Motors, Henry Ford and other companies. Franchising entered a new round in the post-war years with the arrival of Ray Kroc on the market. The network of McDonald’s restaurants is still one of the leading franchises of our time.

What about the health sector? What are its prospects and condition today? Is it worth investing in this business?

General concepts

Franchising form involves three parties in the process of doing business:

  1. Franchisor. Has a well-known name, patented brand, business rights;
  2. Franchisee. Buys the name and a ready-made business strategy;
  3. Final consumer. Chooses goods and services under a well-known name.

When buying a franchise, the franchisee acquires a business on a turnkey basis. Stubborn statistics say that the survival rate of this form is 4 times higher than of a business started from scratch. As we can see, in the first five years of presence on the market, only 15% of self-developing companies survive, and 85% are closed. Among franchisees, this percentage reaches the mark of only 13%! Therefore, any franchise is:

  • Competitiveness;
  • Increased survival rate of the business;
  • Ready-made strategy;
  • Pre-calculated payback with the accuracy up to 98%.

For a successful start, one just needs to choose a decent franchise.

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For a successful start, one just needs to choose a decent franchise

What does the medical market offer?

According to the latest data, franchising in the healthcare sector can be useful not only for business, but also for the patient as well as for the staff involved in the medical system in general. In 2020, the direction occupies up to 11% of the entire global franchise market. But this is the advantage: there is demand but the competition level is low. While everyone is opening coffee houses, pizzerias, delivery services and fitness boutiques, medical franchising offers the following areas:

All franchises of the medical vertical are united by one factor: the medical business survives even in the most severe crisis. In the early 2000s, when the global economy collapsed, medical franchises were able to stand steady. The businessmen who have managed to get into the swing immediately understood all the prospects, the stable demand for medical services and started to invest actively in healthcare franchises. Competition appeared exactly on the inner market of medical franchises. Therefore, today narrowly focused areas are the most popular. The examples may include an ophthalmology center, laboratory or a unique treatment technology. The business invests precisely in these areas because the competition tends to zero while payback and profit are always growing. There is one more significant factor why in 2020 franchises providing services and first-aid goods will grow on the world market, while the demand on franchises aimed at leisure and entertainment etc. will decline, Frandata analysts warn.

Forecast for 2020 according to Frandata

Due to the fact that in 2020 the world economy growth rate will slow down because of the COVID-19 global epidemic and the trade confrontation between the United States and China in the face of continuing political uncertainty; the situation is aggravated by a further generational shift in the structure of expenses, pressure on retail real estate; it is expected from more mature brands to diversify into other market verticals. The dominant product for the franchise market will be franchises offering essential goods and services for the population (medical services, delivery services, production and sale of food and personal hygiene products).

Ukrainian medical franchises

Health care in Ukraine is at a developing level. Buying a medical franchise not only generates income, but also helps this area in such ways:

  • Creates jobs for doctors and medical staff;
  • Offers decent salaries;
  • Popularizes new areas of therapy by training medical workers.

Every day, new medical franchises appear on the Ukrainian market. The Ladisten Clinic also keeps up with the global trends. Today it offers a unique Veklich franchise. Dr. Veklich is a name known far beyond the borders of our country. Under the guidance of the doctor, thousands of operations were performed to correct pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Consequences of achondroplasia, limb deformities, hallux valgus (“bunion” on the foot) and many other conditions are successfully eliminated and corrected using the Veklich device. Is there a demand for such services? This is a rhetorical question… After all, these pathologies are spread all over the world, and millions of people dream of beautiful, straight legs and freedom of movement. And they are willing to pay a lot of money for it. The Veklich franchise predicts payback within 10 months. The company offers several franchise options:

  1. For the existing medical business (multi-field medical centers, orthopedic and plastic surgery clinics)
  2. For entrepreneurs who are not related to the medical business but already have experience in doing business

Orthopedics is always highly sought and competitive direction. And in the case of the Veklich franchise, it is also unique. This is because a patented device and technique which are not available all over the world are used during operations.