Our doctors use unique methods of treatment introduced by Veklich V.V.

Операция hallux valgus

Hallux Valgus surgery

The hallux valgus surgical operation, or treatment of valgus deformity...

Операция по увеличению роста при ахондроплазии

Height increase operation in case of achondroplasia

Achondroplasia is a congenital disease of musculoskeletal system of a ...

Операция по удлинению ног

Height increase and leg lengthening operation

Many people have experienced psychological complexes due to low height...

Ladisten Clinic - cosmetic orthopedics and traumatology

Ladisten Clinic provides orthopedic surgery services, post-surgery care and rehabilitation for adults and children.

Our services

Ladisten doctors successfully completed more than 6000 operations for patients with severe samples of bow legs (genu varum), knock knees (genu valgum), growth problems (i.e. achondroploasia), consequences of bone and joint diseases. In clinic there are rooms for one or more patients.

Our Mission

To provide effective affordable othopedic care by incorporating new technology in medicine.
Quality. Ladisten Clinic cares for its patients and constantly improves the quality of medical care.

Honesty. Patient has a right to know the truth of pros and cons of orthopedic treatment and should be informed of all the difficulties and risks that might be associated with it. We are straightforward in informing patients if their actions while treatment or recovery process are contr-productive to eliminate any complications.
Cooperation. We believe that success of treatment results depends on both, doctors and patients; this is why we are dedicated to team work and mutual cooperation on every stage of treatment.
Innovation. The best sample of innovation is the solutions that include minimally invasive surgery with appliance of Ilizarov-Veklich device unique at Ladisten. The external, titanium device simplifies movement and enhance the comfort of being Ladisten patient.