Before contacting Ladisten, many patients try various methods of cosmetic height increase on themselves. However, their effect is very doubtful. All these methods require time, but in the end they bring only disappointment. Seven most popular and ineffective techniques are covered in this article.

How to increase height using the horizontal bar

вис на турнике - методы увеличения роста

The horizontal bar is one of the most popular methods for “growing”. This standard beam is present at any stadium. The basis of the technique consists in stretching the spine by bringing the body into suspended state. There are even special training devices designed to increase height. But a horizontal bar is used most commonly.

How to increase height – the exercises:

  •         flexed arm hang. You need to hold onto a horizontal bar and hang for 2-3 minutes;
  •         flexed arm hang together with spreading of legs to the sides by turns;
  •         bending your knees while hanging on the horizontal bar, with reaching your nates and then arching your back. The exercises should be alternated;
  •         turning your body to the left and to the right while hanging on the horizontal bar;
  •         bringing your knees up to the chest while hanging on the horizontal bar;
  •         lifting your legs and turning them from side to side while hanging.

The technique should be practiced 2 times a day, three times a week.

Additionally, you can perform pull-ups on the horizontal bar. However, there is no evidence that pull-ups increase height, but many people still use to this method.

Increase of leg length

длина ног

You can increase height through the extension of lower limbs. Exercises for increasing leg length:

  • leg swings. You can perform the well-known “scissors” or do swings while standing with support;
  • stretching. All stretching exercises stretch the muscles, so it is believed that this lengthens the legs;
  • training load. It consists in tying weights on each leg and lifting them while sitting on a chair. The weights should reach up to 2-3 kg.

The effect can only be seen after six months. It does not exceed 1-2 cm. A person will not be able to grow more, but concomitant diseases of muscles, ligaments and joints can be acquired¹.

Increase of growth in an adult with help of stretching

увеличение роста при помощи растяжки

Stretching is an supplementary method in increasing height. By itself, it positively affects the spine, muscle tissue and the musculoskeletal system. But it should be performed correctly.

Stretching is performed in the morning after waking up and in the evening before bedtime. During this period, it is possible to make the muscles relaxed as much as possible. The exercises should take 30-40 minutes. Stretching is able to straighten the spine and visually increase height through posture correction. But “high” results should not be expected.

Visual height increase in an adult

Визуальное увеличение роста у взрослого

If there is a need to look taller and slimmer, people may decide to use some tricks:

  •         hair worn up. In modern world, hair may be styled in a bun even by men;
  •         heels and platforms. For undersized ladies, their “centimeters” are an advantage in this matter. They can easily wear such shoes;
  •         clothes. These are special cutouts in form of letter V or stripes.

The effect of these methods consists in creating visual illusion, physically the height doesn’t increase.

Berg’s methodic

Метод Берга

Berg was the first to say that height can be increased in adulthood. The system is aimed at bringing a complete change in the posture. It includes three sets of exercises, auto-training, special training devices and months of constant training. The skeleton is an integral structure consisting of bones, muscles and ligaments; therefore, for the correction of posture and “stretching” you need to involve the entire apparatus. Some patients noted an effect for themselves, but it was not possible to grow more than 2 cm.

Norbekov’s methodic

методика Норбекова

A slight increase in height of an adult is possible to achieve using this technique. It can add no more than 2 cm through the buildup of intervertebral cartilage and irritation of the tubular bones in the legs. Norbekov uses the growth zone² in the spine which remains open for almost all one’s life. It is just that its activity decreases over the years, so the task of technology is to activate this zone.

Do you want to check how to increase height at home? You can try this set of exercises. It takes 45 minutes in the afternoon and in the evening. It is necessary to work on yourself until a result is achieved. But significant height increase should not be expected.

Japanese Fukutsuji height increase method

The technique introduced by the Japanese doctor consists in one exercise and is based on stretching. The exercise is performed twice a day for several minutes. While lying on your back with a towel under your loin (it should be twisted into a rope) you need to stretch your arms in one direction and your legs in the other.


Unfortunately, miracles do not happen. Even if it is possible to grow by 2-3 cm using such techniques, visually it isn’t very noticeable, it requires a lot of effort, and sometimes it even contributes to the acquisition of concomitant diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, people come to Ladisten for a cosmetic increase in height.

An effective increase in height in an adult is only possible through surgery³. The bones are incised in the right places and knitted in the correct position. With the help of a special device, new bone tissue is gradually stretched and height increases literally by a millimeter per day. This technique is put into practice in Ladisten Clinic with the use of the device designed by Dr. Veklich.


² Zaydman A.M., and Korel Anastasia Viktorovna. “Structural and functional features of the human vertebral body growth plate during critical periods of growth” Spinal Surgery, no. 1, 2004, pp. 55-59.

³ Shevtsov VI, Novikov KI, and Aranovich A.M .. “Elongation of the lower extremities as the only optimal way to increase growth in children and adolescents with achondroplasia (literature review)” Orthopedics genius, no. 1, 2004, pp. 150-155.

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