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How to correct knock-knees (Genu Valgum) and is it possible? Answers in our article

If a person has straight legs, he or she walks through life confidently. However, not everyone can boast of perfect proportions as the pathology of valgus deformity, or knock-knees, is one of the most common. It becomes a psychological complex and a health problem. How to eliminate knock-knees (Genu valgum) to make legs straight, and is it possible? Such questions are asked by patients when coming to Ladisten Clinic.

What is Genu Valgum?

The pathology changes the natural anatomical axis, as a result of which the feet don’t come close together. Knees touch each other but calves diverge in different directions. It looks like the letter “X”¹.. Depending on the degree of deflection, the defect may be mild. It can be noticed without X-rays: just ask a person to bring his or her legs together, and if there is a distance of 4-5 cm between the feet, valgus deformity is already present. The treatment Genu Valgum is necessary in all cases.

There are also cases of “false deformation”² that doesn’t affect bone tissue. Other correction methods have been developed to eliminate it, example cruroplasty, as it poses no threat to health. At Ladisten Clinic, it is possible to make a proper diagnosis using modern equipment.

Genu Valgum is already noticeable in childhood: if a child has knock-knees, it causes anxiety in parents. The musculoskeletal system is not yet formed; the development of pathology can go backward or vice versa. The first dynamics can be seen by the age of 7, and at this age it is already possible to make predictions. In case of unfavorable development of the disease, doctors advise to undergo surgery.

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Take care of the beauty and health of your legs right now!

How to make legs with valgus deformity straight?

Modern medicine does wonders. At the beginning of the last century, people could not even wonder how to make legs straight in case of Genu Valgum. Today, this is a common correction procedure that takes 30 minutes for two legs. In case of valgus deformity, the bones of the anticnemion or hip do not grow correctly, their mineralization is impaired. There may be many causes of the defect:

  • Excess weight;
  • Congenital diseases;
  • Uneven load on the joints;
  • Rickets and osteomyelitis;
  • Traumas and fractures experienced before.

In all conditions, corrective osteotomy can be performed. This is a small incision of the bone in the area of the pathology. The operation is performed using a minimally invasive technique with help the Veklich external fixation device. The fixation device installed on the leg makes it possible to fix the effect in order to achieve a stable result. The patient gets straight legs after 2-3 months. After surgery, the patient does not have scars and noticeable signs of surgery.

Why is it necessary to straighten the legs in case of valgus deformity?

Is it necessary to correct knock-knees? After all, many people live with valgus deformity for all their lives. If parents ask orthopedists how to straighten the legs with Genu Valgum in case of a child under 7 years old, they are usually told that this doesn’t need to be done. At this stage, prevention and medical supervision are needed.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the deformity progresses, so it is worth considering the option of surgery at a young age. The pathology can cause significant harm to the body because the load is not distributed properly on the joints. This promises problems for the entire musculoskeletal system. At first, such unpleasant symptoms occur:

  • Fatigue after physical activity;
  • Cramps at night and during daytime;
  • In some cases, mild lameness occurs.

The situation is aggravated by psychological discomfort. The higher the deflection angle, the more complexes develop. A woman can’t wear shoes with heels, which also hits self-esteem. Further, physical health also suffers:

  • Poor posture develops, scoliosis occurs;
  • Lameness progresses, especially in case of unilateral valgus deformity (when one leg is curved);
  • In adulthood, arthrosis of the joints appears;
  • Platypodia develops and a constant feeling of pain in the legs is felt;
  • The joint can become very deformed and shift to the side.

Before the problem becomes more tragic. it needs to be addressed. The operation can be performed already in childhood. Bones in children grow constantly, so the rehabilitation process is faster. How to straighten the legs with Genu Valgum in case of a teenager or an adult forever? By performing corrective osteotomy at Ladisten. Take care of the beauty and health of your legs right now!

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