Как увеличить рост

How to increase height? Thousands of users are asking this question on the Internet daily. We have answer on this question

How to increase height? Thousands of users are asking this question on the Internet daily. The reasons for increasing height are different: from serious diagnoses to psychological complexes. Ladisten Clinic is ready to solve these problems with help of a height increase operation.

The causes of short height

The baby begins to grow from birth. In the first year, he or she adds up to 25 cm, in the second – up to 12 cm. Next, a human grows by 5-7 cm annually until puberty. Height increase stops at the age of about 20-25 years. At a young age, the increase of height can be stimulated through exercise. But how to increase your height after 40 years is already a question for the surgeon. Apart from short height, different limb length can be present.  Lameness and poor posture develop. Together with height increase, it is possible to perform limb length discrepancy correction. It is also important for a full life.

There is a lot of causes of short height:

  • Heredity. If both parents are not higher than 160 cm, the child is unlikely to inherit the height of a basketball player. This is not a pathology but it can cause psychological discomfort¹;
  • Genetic diseases, such as:
  1. the pathology of androchoplasia (dwarfism);
  2. Laron syndrome (growth hormone disorder), etc.;
  3. Prader- Willi syndrome – a rare hereditary disease caused by the absence of a paternal copy of the 15q11-13² chromosome.

Severe disorders in the genetic code lead not only to dwarfism, but also to the development of concomitant diseases.

  • Lifestyle. Stunted growth can be caused by lack of nutrition (vitamins and minerals) in childhood and adolescence. Therefore, nutrition should be balanced especially for children;
  • Other diseased. Lack of growth hormone, pathologies of the neuroendocrine system and/or thyroid gland.

Pathological stunting is evident in childhood. A number of tests and an x-ray of the hands and feet are done to carry out the diagnostics and choose proper treatment of short stature in childhood and adolescence. This allows to see open growth zones.

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At a young age, the increase of height can be stimulated through exercise. But how to increase your height after 40 years is already a question for the surgeon

Height increase operation

In the middle of the last century, Dr. Ilizarov proposed a unique osteotomy technique. With its help, it was possible to lengthen the bone by several centimeters. The operations were complex, dangerous, including for the life of the patient, and required long-term rehabilitation. After the procedure, large scars remained.

But people still decided to undergo them because it was the only way to return to a full life. The technology of height increase involves gradual stretching of soft tissues and bones. New bone tissue is formed in the place of tension, it gradually hardens and becomes dense, like the whole bone. The main problem is to fix the stretched limb in the right position. To achieve this, a device developed by the same Dr. Ilizarov was used. It is quite massive, contains sharp traumatic spokes and involves a difficult rehabilitation period in the everyday life and physical aspects. But medicine does not stand still…

Technologies of the 21st century

How are the operations of height increase performed in the 21st century? How to increase the height of a young girl or little child without leaving scary scars? Dr. Veklich has improved the Ilizarov device. All inconvenient aspects and the risk of injuries are now excluded. The operation is performed through 2-4 mm incisions on the skin, with traces in the form of small dots from the incisions disappearing 5-6 months after the procedure. This significantly reduces the risk of infection, as well as reduces blood loss during the intervention. The rehabilitation period also takes less time.

How to increase height without surgery?

Some causes of short height can be eliminated without surgery:

  • Pituitary dwarfism is treated with growth hormone replacement therapy. But in case of other types of dwarfism, it doesn’t help.
  • Many people are trying to increase their height by 1-2 centimeters with the help of physical exercises (by playing basketball, hanging on horizontal bars with weight), but these methods haven’t got any direct evidence of medical effectiveness.

How to increase height after 30 years? How to get rid of dwarfism? How to become 4-7 centimeters higher? Corrective osteotomy at Ladisten Clinic is an answer to these questions.

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