Blount’s disease: symptoms, diagnostics, treatment


This rare pathology occurs in 3 out of 10000 people. But the statistics are misleading: in some situations, people simply do not notice the problem if Blount’s disease lasts in mild form. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Already at a young age, this illness is noticeable in a child. This is a good time for a successful surgical correction of Blount’s deformity. Ladisten Clinic specializes in such procedures. Operative treatment is performed using minimally invasive technologies.

What is Blount’s disease

Blount’s disease is a severe pathology of the musculoskeletal system. The development of the tibia gets broken, it is deformed or does not grow enough. This leads to curvature of the legs: bow-legged deformity is formed.

Reasons of development

The most insidious thing about the illness is that its causes are unknown. Doctors have long wondered why the disease occurs, even though it was discovered back in the early twentieth century. It is believed that the basis of Blount’s pathology is a change in bone tissue. It is being formed in the womb already and is constantly renewed.

In case of genetic disorders, lack of vitamin D and various diseases, bone tissue softens. This leads to abrasion of the head of the bone (its condyles), it can’t bear the load and becomes flat, the skeleton is deformed. Risk factors include overweight, calcium metabolism disorders and vitamin deficiency.

Blount’s deformity correction treatment – Whole patient experience

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Заболевание развивается постепенно, и имеет три формы. От них зависят проявления. Болезнь Блаунта – симптомы:

  1. Младенческая форма: встречается в возрасте до 3-х лет. Малыш начинает косолапить, опирается на наружный бок стопы, выворачивает стопы во внутрь. Ребенок может прихрамывать и постоянно спотыкаться.
  2. Ювенильная форма: возраст 4-10 лет. Развивается устойчивое плоскостопие, ребенок быстро устает после ходьбы или бега. Постепенно укорачиваются ноги. К О-образной деформации добавляются «длинные руки». Иногда пальцы рук могут опускаться ниже колен. Это говорит о серьезной деформации нижних конечностей.
  3. Подростковая форма: после 11 лет. Развивается хромота и «утиная» походка.

В редких случаях болезнь Блаунта дает о себе знать в старшем возрасте.

How to identify it
The diagnosis of Blount’s disease

The diagnosis of Blount’s disease is confirmed by an orthopedist during a personal visit. Visual inspection and collection of medical history are very important. In some cases, the pathology is hereditary. A detailed consultation can be provided at Ladisten, the modern orthopedic clinic. Instrumental methods such as X-ray, MRI, and CT scan help to make a precise diagnosis. Ultrasound examination is done in case of children. Laboratory tests and MRI can help identify additional deformities associated with rickets. But X-ray is a key examination. The degree of Blount’s pathology is determined in accordance with the photography received: 1. First degree. Angle up to 15 degrees; 2. Second degree. Angle of 16-25 degrees; 3. 26-30 degrees say about the third degree of the pathology; 4. The deflection of 31-40 degrees is fourth degree; 5. The most dangerous and severe case is when the deflection is more than 40 degrees. The rate that is estimated is the angle of deviation of the tibia from the axis.

Is it possible to live with it?

Blount’s deformity has several degrees. In mild cases, people can live with it for years. It does not cause serious visual defects, and is not too evident to others. But with age, the situation may worsen. Bone tissue becomes more fragile, it stops to regenerate. This can lead to disability and a complete loss of motor activity of the leg. In some cases, Blount's deformity is visible to the naked eye. This is a clear deviation that causes physical and psychological discomfort. A person cannot walk normally, acquires a waddling gait, his or her legs get tired very quickly.

The disease develops in childhood and adolescence. A child notices his or her “peculiarity”, as do his or her peers. This leads to psycho-emotional shocks, complexes, depression and reduced self-esteem. Physically, “Blount” leads to disability, so it is necessary to deal with it.

Preventive measures
Vitamin D

Since the causes are not determined exactly, no specific preventive measures of the disease exist. To prevent Blount's disease, you can take vitamin D during pregnancy

Physical exercise and massages

Do physical exercise and practice massages with the baby after birth. The child should start walking independently. Excessive load on the fragile skeleton can lead to deformation. These are just possible preventative measures, but they certainly will not do harm.

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Founder/Chief surgeon

The founder of “Ladisten” medical center of orthopedics and traumatology Veklich Vitaliy Viktorovich is a surgeon in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults who has been practicing for more than 40 years. Author of the modified external fixation devices – the Veklich devices.

Work experience: 40 years

Doctor of Medicine, anesthesiologist

Work experience: 27 years
Head doctor, orthopedic and traumatic surgeon

Head doctor of the Ladisten Clinic Medical Center, a professional certified surgeon in the field of pediatric and adult orthopedics and traumatology.

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Клиника Ладистен принимает пациентов со всего мира. Мы специализуемся на сложных патологиях конечностей. Если поставлен диагноз болезнь Блаунта, лечение проводят хирургическим путем. Малоинвазивная операция с использованием аппарата внешней фиксации Веклича позволяет быстро поставить пациента на ноги. Лечение не проходит молниеносно, но чем младше возраст пациента, тем лучше моделируется новая кость. Уникальный аппарат фиксации имеет ряд преимуществ: он легкий, фиксируется без лишнего дискомфорта, исключает опасные спицы, которые могут давать осложнения. Как проходит подготовка к операции:

  1. Шаг первый. Запись на консультацию. Это можно сделать по телефону или в онлайн-форме.
  2. Шаг второй. Рентгенография и дополнительные обследования. Диагноз по результатам.Определяется степень патологии, возможность оперативного вмешательства, составляется индивидуальный план лечения.

Операция в Ladisten избавляет от деформации Блаунта навсегда!


Время снятия конструкции Веклича составляет 3 минуты. Спустя три месяца после операции пациент может возвращаться к своей прежней жизни и физическим нагрузкам. Эстетический эффект остаётся на всю жизнь. Размер следов после ношения аппарата Веклича, обычно, не превышает двух миллиметров, поэтому их сложно увидеть невооруженным взглядом. Отсутствие длительной реабилитации и косметических дефектов – главные преимущества лечения по методике Веклича.