2020 promises to be a milestone for aesthetic plastic surgery with innovations in non-surgical procedures

“2020 promises to be a milestone for aesthetic plastic surgery with innovations in non-surgical procedures, improvements in long-present surgical procedures and the emergence of a new generation of consumers on the market (Generation Z),” predicts Charles H. Thorne (President of the Aesthetic Society). Let’s cover everything step by step.

Aesthetic surgery

  1. Liposuction remains an unchanged leader in surgery. It is not only women who decide to use it. Getting rid of extra pounds is the number one trend.
  2. Men also want to look well-groomed and handsome in 2020. They correct
    belly, chin, point out their six-pack abs.
  3. Women, in addition to all procedures, resort to bow leg correction. Previously, this procedure was postponed “for later”. But modern surgery strives for minimal invasiveness. New methods for correcting bowed legs without using major surgical procedures have been developed. You can get straight legs through a 3-4 mm incision. Therefore, women are actively taking this opportunity.
  4. Apart from that, breast surgery remains a popular operation. Now women prefer lifting rather than use of implants.
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2020 is held under the motto of naturalness. People want to look natural

Non-surgical methods

Popular areas for this year in this niche include:

  1. Beauty injections. Although more and more patients admit that surgery is much more effective for face and neck lifting, Botox still doesn’t lose its popularity. “Children’s” injections enter the arena. They contain smaller doses of neurotoxin to retain the natural appearance of the face.
  2. Correction of the jawline with fillers. More and more men make a choice in favor of this technology to get a “prominent chin.”
  3. BB tattoo. This is the next step in permanent makeup. Now you can not only draw eyebrows, highlight your eyes and lips, but also give your face a fresh look without applying a daily layer of makeup;
  4. Correction of body contours. The technologies aimed to create beautiful contours using instrumental techniques are improving. They don’t require any surgical manipulations and are painless.

New generation chooses aesthetics

Social networks are doing their job – Generation Z is acting more and more on camera. At the same time, the use of filters and Photoshop is considered bad style. Young people want to be naturally beautiful. They correct all that they haven’t received from nature as much as possible. This is especially true for girls. Too small breasts, thin lips and bowed legs are corrected with help of modern methods. The average age of the patients has expanded: now it reaches 18-45 years, while 10 years ago it was 25-45.

What will the world give up in 2020?

2020 is held under the motto of naturalness. People want to look natural. This applies not only to the new generation, but also to former fans of plastic surgery. Therefore, more and more women are getting rid of breast implants or replacing them with smaller ones. Pumped lips also take second place. If about 5 years ago, plastic surgery worked to increase size or volume, now it is aimed at supporting natural beauty. A frozen face after Botox injections is no longer considered an ideal. Small expression wrinkles can be left. The aesthetic area continues to develop. Therefore, businessmen who are at the top position in Forbes list invest in healthcare and medical technology. One of the promising areas is medical franchising. This vector is always able to keep the lights on, even in stressful economic situations. For example, Ladisten Clinic offers a unique technology of minimally invasive leg correction surgery. The franchise has no competitors, it pays off successfully and doesn’t require medical knowledge from the owner.